cultivar coffee colombia

What’s in a Cup of Colombian Coffee?

Colombia is synonymous with coffee. Unfortunately for Colombia, so are Ethiopia, Brazil, Vietnam, Mexico, Indonesia, and the rest of the 39 major coffee-producing countries on Earth. Colombia can’t claim largest coffee exporter (it’s 3rd) but it can distinguish itself as the 2nd largest exporter of arabica beans. In other words, Colombia produces the most of the best coffee after the behemoth Brazil. Though, what sucks for … Continue reading What’s in a Cup of Colombian Coffee?

Brazil buffet

Reforming the buffet

Everywhere I turned, I’d spot what appeared to be a buffet. They were pseudo-buffets. In Brazil’s small towns and big cities, at hostel breakfast bars and on Amazonian ferries, all had a slight twist which transformed the buffet’s brand. These pseudo-buffets no longer evoked a fluorescent lit Vegas buffet swarming with zombies astoundingly capable of piling their plates with towers of casserole and Jell-O. The distinction … Continue reading Reforming the buffet

acai bowl

Açai bowls: superfood or junk food?

Surely you’ve heard of açai. It’s old news now — açai’s untouchable reverence as a superfood. So obvious that it’s almost cliche. Maybe you already knew that native Amazonian populations have used açai for centuries to cure digestive ailments like constipation and nausea? Maybe you know that Amazonian tribes regularly enjoy Instagram-worthy açai bowls teeming with granola and banana? (Not really.) Though perhaps some eat … Continue reading Açai bowls: superfood or junk food?

Traditional asado south america patagonia

How Argentinia spoiled my 15-year vegetarian streak

Most people know me by a few adjectives. For anyone who has met me post-college, “vegetarian” is likely one of those words. For better or worse.  The entirely of my life’s overlap with Adam’s has been one where a meal is ruined if a mistaken soup order comes with chicken — even the lingering aftermath appalls me. So perhaps you can imagine his world turned … Continue reading How Argentinia spoiled my 15-year vegetarian streak

AdamBonnieWanaka Dinner

When you say “tea,” I say “dinner”

Our first night in New Zealand followed a sleepless redeye and a 7-hour drive. After storing our bags in our room, the caravan parked outside, we were graciously offered tea by our host, Helen. (You may remember Helen from her foraging fame.) Expecting a hot, soothing cup of sleepy chamomile, I eagerly agreed.  Had an hour passed or was it sleepless delirium? Finally, Helen called out … Continue reading When you say “tea,” I say “dinner”

Laos farm workaway

Seduction by Resourcefulness in Laos

Yes, Laos’s dramatic limestone cliffs are incredible but that wasn’t what got me. She wooed me with an ingenuity with food. I’ve been known to be impressed by efficiency, but creative resourcefulness is what really makes my knees weak. On day two in Laos, we were introduced to the fascinatingly resourceful culinary style of backwoods cooking. Adam and I trekked through the Luang Namtha jungle and … Continue reading Seduction by Resourcefulness in Laos

Shan egg curry

Curry is a Stupid Word

So, what is curry? It’s a meaningless, colonial-era word that somehow binds too many distinct truths. Ask anyone and depending on their heritage and travels, you get a definitive yet different definition. I’ve enjoyed sweet Japanese, spicy Indian, sour Thai, and salty Nepali curries. Even within a cuisine, the curries vary. Which spices will be most prominent? Which part of the palate will be hit? … Continue reading Curry is a Stupid Word

King Bhumibol and Backpacker Balls

Up until the late King of Thailand’s death just over 1 year ago, he was the longest reigning living monarch (70 years on the throne!) and also the wealthiest. Forbes estimated his fortune to be $30 billion, an even more interesting fact after learning he was an ordained buddhist monk. Wandering through Bangkok, I saw his likeness on larger than life billboards and in every … Continue reading King Bhumibol and Backpacker Balls